This is a collection of websites that I either currently maintain, or had built or maintained previously.

A local mexican restaurant in Brookfield Illinois was in need of a presence on the internet. The site has been recently overhauled and is now Mobile friendly and responsive.
Back in 2009, I was asked to create a website for a local carry-out restaurant in Brookfield Illinois. The site has been updated, making it responsive and Mobile Friendly now.
Latest Joomla! powered website for an Interior Design Painting Company. Client had a previous website hosted with Yahoo Small Business that he was not happy with. New site is Responsive, loads faster and is much cleaner looking.
I was asked to design a website for a local Irish Pub back in 2007. The site has recently undergone a complete overhaul and is now using the Joomla Content Management System. I had weekly meetings with my Client contact to plan and implement the desired changes. All photos that you see on this site were taken by me
An existing client of mine asked if I would create a website for them. They were using a free website and they were very limited in the design of their site. I obtained the domain name FridayCruiseNight.com for them and built a site using Joomla CMS. I setup a Google account for them, they are now able to have a blog, upload photos and videos and update a calendar all from that single log-in. I created a simple, animated Flash banner that you see at the top of the pages.
Iggy's Action Transport
A local trucking company needed a website to help promote their 25+ year business. I created a simple but effective website for them.
This website had been created in 2001 and in April 2007 I was asked to redesign and maintain the site. The client had built the original site using Microsoft FrontPage. The site has been migrated so that I can now utilize Adobe Dreamweaver to make any updates or adjustments to the site. The site is 100% HTML and utilizes CSS in the site's appearance.
A nearby printing company approached me regarding designing a website for their Printing company, Master Impressions Printing, Inc, based in Westchester, Il. I utilized a CSS template and modified it to the client's liking.
Slagers on 47th is a local bar that did not have a website. They wanted a photo album for guests and patrons to be able to view from home. The owners were very pleased with the finished product
A nearby janitorial supply company wanted to make their catalog of merchandise available online for customers to view. I built this site utilizing Joomla and eShop, an ECommerce Component.
Playing The Field
A friend of mine wanted a simple blog where he could write about various sports, I used WordPress and obtained the Domain name for him.
Gina Deveno
An Art Teacher for the local catholic grade school was in need of a website to showcase her student's work. This was primarily for the parents to be able to see what the students were creating in school. There was also a reminders section as well as a school calendar for parents to review as well.